Cleaning Sets

Cleaning Sets

Mop sets, one of our most functional assistants in house cleaning, allow you to get rid of all dirt and dust during surface cleaning. With new technologies, quite different models have been produced for mop cleaning sets, which are one of our biggest helpers when cleaning the areas we live in. The purpose of mop sets, which stand out with their different ways of use, is to minimize the time you spend cleaning.

Types of cleaning kits

First of all, let us state that the mop sets we produce as Emay Home are made of first quality durable material. You can choose the types of mop sets that you can safely use for many years, according to the area you will use, your cleaning frequency and the way you use it. Classic mop sets allow you to tighten the mop head without getting tired and clean your surfaces easily without the problem of splashing water, thanks to its round mop head and rotating chamber. Flat mops, on the other hand, are produced for you to easily clean all areas you cannot reach, thanks to a special mop head and a specially produced bucket with two chambers. Thanks to its rectangular mop head, it reaches all corners and cleans it. In addition, it makes cleaning easier thanks to its two chambers, one of which helps to wash the mop head and the other to remove excess water.

What's in the cleaning kits?

Cleaning kits generally consist of a mop head, mop handle and cleaning bucket. Since the mop head is made of 100% microfiber, it traps all dust, dirt and crumbs and leaves them in the cleaning bucket. All mop heads we produce have superior suction power thanks to their micro capillary structure. It collects even the smallest pieces easily and thanks to the special durable knitting technique, you can use it for a long time without lint. You can also easily clean it by washing it in the washing machine.

The mop handles in the mop sets, on the other hand, are specially produced to facilitate cleaning with their 360-degree rotation and 180-degree tilting structure. You can experience cleaning without getting tired with the mop handles that can be disassembled and stored and reassembled when necessary.

The cleaning bucket in the cleaning set is a cleaning tool with a chamber compatible with the mop head. The squeezing chamber of the cleaning bucket must be compatible with the mop head. Because classical mop heads cannot be washed in flat mop chambers. The cleaning bucket of the classic mop sets has a round bowl that can rotate without splashing water. The cleaning bucket of flat mop sets has two different chambers for washing and drying.

What do cleaning kits do?

Cleaning kits are the most important tools that help us to clean the areas we live in. Remember that wiping as well as sweeping is one of the most important ways to get rid of bacteria and germs. Cleaning kits allow you to reach compatible parts as a single set instead of purchasing the mop head, mop handle and cleaning bucket separately. Mop heads, mop handles or washing chambers of different brands may not be compatible with each other. For this reason, purchasing a cleaning kit as a set eliminates the problem of parts not working together.

Are spares available for cleaning kits?

You can be sure that all the mop sets we produce are quality products that will be with you for many years. However, you can buy your mop heads or mop handles that have been deformed for any reason as spares. If your cleaning bucket continues to work correctly, you do not need to purchase a cleaning kit again.

Mop set prices

Since there are many different brands in cleaning sets and these brands produce mop sets in different models, all these products have different price ranges. The prices of the products vary according to the model you choose. However, if you are looking for a high quality, durable and affordable mop set that you can use for many years, we definitely recommend you to give Emay Home mop sets a chance.