Mop Products

Mop Products

At the beginning of the products that make our lives easier, mop sets are our biggest helpers in cleaning. Our mop products category includes spare mop heads that you can purchase separately from mop sets. We recommend that you replace the deformed mop heads that you think are not as efficient in cleaning as before.

What are the types of mops?

Among the mop types we produce as Emay Home, classic mop heads that can rotate 360 degrees, Jr. There are mop heads and new generation flat mop heads. After washing the classical mop heads in a compatible cleaning bucket, you can easily rotate them by placing them in the drying chamber and during this rotation, you can easily wipe all your surfaces with a damp mop by letting all the water back into the chamber. Thanks to its microfiber structure, you can be sure that it does not leave a single dust and dirt residue. jr. The usage areas of the mop heads are produced to clean smaller areas. Actually, Jr. The mop head has no difference from the classical mop head in terms of structure or size. The only difference is that the cleaning bucket is smaller in size.

Flat mop heads, on the other hand, allow you to use products that breathe new life into cleaning and aim to make your work easier. Flat mop heads are placed on the tip of the mop handle in a rectangular shape. Thanks to its rectangular and large structure, it allows you to erase much more area at once and to reach the corners exactly. The cleaning bucket of flat mops has two chambers. After washing the mop in the first chamber, it helps you to drain the excess water and reach a moist flat mop by taking it into the second chamber.

Where are mop heads used?

The mop heads we produce can be used on all surfaces such as wood, ceramics, marble, tiles, parquet. However, do not forget that mop heads can be used for wall cleaning, ceiling wiping and glass cleaning as well as surface cleaning. Especially thanks to the rectangular wide structure of the flat mop heads, you can wipe all your walls and windows much more easily in a few moves. Thanks to its high suction power, you can determine the humidity of the mop heads, which are suitable for use in wet areas, according to the surface you will use. For example, using it more humid on ceramic surfaces and less humid on wooden and parquet surfaces prevents your surfaces from being worn and ensures a longer life.

How should the mop heads be?

If you want to have superior suction power, you should make sure that your mop heads are 100% microfiber. Otherwise, you will only push the dust and dirt forward without collecting it. However, the microfiber mop heads trap the dust and dirt in the places they wipe, allowing you to leave them in the cleaning bucket during washing and offer a more effective cleaning. All mop heads we produce have superior suction power thanks to their micro capillary structure. In this way, it can be used easily on wet surfaces to remove wetness. Thanks to its special durable knitting technique, it preserves its structure for a long time and does not deform easily, as it does not cause lint. If you have a mop head like this, you can be sure that you can use it for many years.

How to clean mop heads?

It is very important to clean your mop head regularly after cleaning your home or place. Do not forget that wet mop heads can be an open area for bacterial growth. You can wash all the mop heads we produce as Emay Home in the washing machine without fear that their structure will deteriorate. We recommend that you avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning, so that your mop head does not lose its durability. You can dry your mop head, which is washed in the washing machine, as if you were drying a laundry, and make it ready for the next cleaning. You can have a perfect cleaning experience with microfiber mop heads that collect even the smallest parts and provide deep and effective cleaning.