About us

About Us

Emayhome Plastik, which started its activities in the household appliances sector with imports 25 years ago, has been among the actors of Producing Turkey with the production facility it established on Plastic Household Appliances in 2011. Emayhome Plastik, which aims to produce products that make the life of consumers easier and prioritizes their satisfaction, has become one of the leading companies in the sector in a short time.

Emayhome Plastic to the sectorel With its experience and understanding that prioritizes the customer, it has developed itself more and more every day in order to meet the demands of its customers. His sensitivity in fulfilling production and delivery commitments on time has always been appreciated at home and abroad.

Emayhome Plastic develops itself more and more every day with its R&D studies,
It always prioritizes the understanding of Quality and Commercial Ethics.

Emayhome Plastik has come a long way in line with its targets since the day it was founded. In its 13,000 m2 closed area facility, equipped with the latest technology machinery and equipment, it has 180 people.

It is proud to take a role in the “Productive, Strong Turkey” targets.