Auto Brushes

Auto Brushes

Keeping our living areas clean is very important in terms of both personal and environmental cleanliness. One of the places we spend the most time after our homes and workplaces is our cars. Especially if you live in cities with heavy traffic, you spend most of the day in the car.

To keep your car clean, you need to constantly wash it and do the necessary maintenance. Instead of paying big bucks to car washes, you can wash your car yourself in a suitable place by having a car brush.

How should auto brushes be?

One of the most important features that you should pay attention to in auto brushes is that they consist of sensitive brush bristles that will not harm your vehicle. In addition, the fact that it is not made of substances harmful to health allows you to clean safely during use.

Brush bristles should be soft and saturated, trap water and leave it on your vehicle. It should never scratch or cause any other damage to your vehicle.

In which areas are auto brushes used?

You can use auto brushes not only for washing your car, but also for cleaning the bathroom and balcony. Thanks to its structure that traps excess water, you can easily wash your dusty or dirty balconies. Thanks to its delicate bristle structure, you can clean the mud stains on your balcony without damaging the surface or using harsh chemicals. In addition, you can easily remove the soap residues that occur in your bathroom with a car brush, and you can easily wash your bathroom walls in a few steps.

Another example of what other purposes you can use the car brush for is the cleaning of your workplaces. You can use the car brush not only for washing purposes, but also as a vacuum cleaner that collects dust.

How to wash a car with a car brush?

We recommend using two buckets to wash the car with the car brush. There should be detergent water in one bucket and clean water in the other bucket. We recommend dipping the car brush in detergent water and brushing every part of your car with this detergent water. You don't have to worry about your vehicle being damaged. Because, thanks to its sensitive bristle structure, the auto brush will never scratch or damage your vehicle while brushing. If you wish, you can rinse your vehicle, which you wash every part of it with detergent water, with the water in the clean water bucket.

If you do not want to use an extra bucket, you can clean the car brush from detergent, attach the water hose to the protrusion on it, and rinse while brushing. Cleaning the parts of your vehicle that you need to do detailed cleaning, such as the side mirrors or wipers, with a smaller sponge instead of a car brush will help you to do more detailed and fine cleaning. When washing your vehicle with a car brush, we recommend that you use cleaners suitable for the vehicle surface and avoid harsh chemicals that can damage surfaces.

How can you tell if a car brush is of good quality?

You can be sure that all of the auto brushes we produce as Emay Home have sensitive brush bristles that do not harm the surfaces. In addition, you can extend the life of your brush with the stainless handle, which consists of 4 parts and can be mounted and used whenever you want, and you can disassemble and store it whenever you want. The 4-piece stainless handle is very ergonomic with its soft handle and does not harm your hand during washing.

auto brush prices

There are different auto brushes on the market for every quality and budget. If you buy the auto brushes as a set with the handle, they will be priced higher. For this reason, we recommend that you do not buy it again if you have a handle that is compatible with the car brush you will buy at your home or workplace. However, if you do not have a brush handle that you can easily store, we strongly recommend that you purchase a stainless handle with a soft handle that can be divided into parts. Car brush prices may vary according to different brands and models. However, if you think that you will use a quality car brush that suits your needs for many years without deforming, it may be wise to invest in a quality car brush.