15 cm Auto Brush

15 cm Auto Brush


15 cm Auto Brush

If you want to wash your car easily without using extra effort, we recommend Emay Home 15 Cm Auto Brush with its soft and dense brush structure! Emay Home 15 Cm Auto Brush, which can be easily mounted with screwed handles, offers you deep cleaning thanks to its flexible bristle structure, and never harms the surfaces you clean.

You can use Emay Home 15 Cm Auto Brush both to wash your car and to clean your bathrooms and balconies with peace of mind. No harmful substances are used in its production and it is made of first class quality materials. Make your life easier with Emay Home 15 Cm Auto Brush, which is one of the must-have products in every home!

Emay Home 15 Cm Auto Brush Product Features

  • Size: 15cm
  • Soft and dense brush structure that absorbs saturated water
  • Easy and enjoyable cleaning with its flexible bristle structure
  • Thanks to its specially designed bristle structure for vehicle washing, it never scratches the vehicle surface.
  • It is easily mounted with the screwed handle.
  • There is a water hose connection apparatus on the brush.