Mop and Handle Sets

Mop and Handle Sets

The mop set is of great importance in the cleaning of the areas we live in. The mop and handle sets, which can be used in a practical way and make cleaning shorter, make you less tired during cleaning. The mop and handle sets, which you can easily use both at home and at work, can be easily used with any compatible bucket.

Which mop and handle set should be preferred?

Choosing the mop and handle set that is suitable for the area you live in is one of the most important issues that will make your job easier in cleaning. First of all, you should definitely pay attention to the microfiber structure of your mop head. Otherwise, your mop head will not collect any dirt, it will just push it forward. It is also important that your mop head is microfiber in terms of preventing bacteria from forming on it when cleaned regularly.

As for which mop and handle set you should choose, the most decisive factor here is which mop bucket you want to use. Because if you have a cleaning bucket that works with rotary mops, it is impossible to use rectangular flat mops.

If you have a mop set that you have used before and that makes you tired, we definitely recommend you to meet Emay Home mop sets. You can be sure that you will find a suitable mop set among the products offered by Emay Home.

What should you pay attention to when buying a mop and handle set?

Mop heads and mop handles allow you to minimize the time you spend in cleaning by saving you from situations such as wringing a cloth, bending over and wiping the surface. For this reason, you should pay attention to buy quality products that you can use for many years. In addition, if you use mops with steel handles where the handles can be separated from each other, you can save space while storing your mop handles. You can reassemble and use it easily whenever you want.

Also, you should make sure that your mop head is microfiber and that your mop handle can rotate 360 degrees. Because with the mop handles that can rotate 360 degrees and bend 180 degrees, you can easily reach and clean all areas that you cannot reach, such as the back of the cabinet, bed and armpit.

What products does the mop and handle set consist of?

Mop and handle assemblies generally consist of a mop head and a handle that allows you to manage it. However, they also have many distinctive features. For example, in order to get maximum efficiency from the mop head, it must be used with a compatible handle. When you look at the most popular mop sets, you can see that all mops and handles are only compatible with each other and cannot be used with other brands' products.

The important thing here is that the mop and handle set are made of solid, durable and quality materials that you can use for years. All the handles we produce as Emay Home consist of segmented steel handles that can be separated and reassembled. Thanks to its ergonomic structure that can be moved easily, you can clean more easily with these mop handles.

Since the mop heads we produce are completely microfiber, they allow you to get rid of all the dirt and dust at once without having to go through the same area many times during cleaning. In addition, you can easily clean the mop heads by washing them in the washing machine and use them for many years without deformation. However, if you need to change it, you can continue your pleasant cleaning experience by purchasing spare mops and handles.

Mop set prices

You can buy the sets consisting of mop and handle sets in the market at more affordable prices than the large cleaning sets that include mop and bucket sets. However, if you already have a cleaning bucket in your home, you do not need to re-purchase large cleaning kits. You can only buy a spare mop head and a spare mop handle. In this way, you can have quality products that can be used for many years without breaking your budget. Prices of spare mops and spare handles also vary according to brands and models.