Sillgech Flat 3 Pieces Handle Set Standard

Sillgech Flat 3 Pieces Handle Set Standard


Sillgech Flat 3 Pieces Handle Set Standard

If you have met the Sillgech Flat Mop ease, it is very difficult to give up on it again! That's why we offer you a product where you can back up your mop set with the Sillgech Flat 3 Handle Set, which consists of only a mop and a handle set.

Sillgech Flat 3-Handle Set, which you can use both on the floor, on the walls and in cleaning the windows, stands out with its easy use. All you have to do is place it in the washing and drying chambers in its compatible bucket and move it up and down. Cleaning is that easy with Sillgech Flat 3 Handle Set!

Sillgech Flat 3 Handle Set Product Features

  • Height: 115 cm
  • Rectangular mop head that can reach all corners
  • The feature of cleaning the bottom and back of the items with the metal stick that offers 360-degree usage area.
  • Excellent results in cleaning all surfaces such as glass, parquet, tile, granite, wall
  • Practical setup
  • Microfiber head that can be washed in the washing machine