Sillgech Handle Car Brush

Sillgech Handle Car Brush


Sillgech Handle Car Brush

Make your work easier with the Handle Car Brush, which you can use with peace of mind both when washing your car and cleaning the bathroom and balcony.

Designed to clean the paint of your car without scratching, the Handle Car Brush is resistant to wear thanks to its ultra-strong texture and wide structure. The soft handle is specially produced so that it does not irritate your hands during cleaning. In addition, thanks to its stainless handle that can be divided into 4 parts, you can easily store it in the trunk of your car or in your bathroom cabinets without taking up space.

Handle Handle Car Brush Product Features

  • 4-piece stainless and mountable handle set
  • Ability to be stored in the desired place without taking up space with its demountable handle feature
  • Wet and dry perfect cleaning without scratching the paint of the car
  • Suitable structure for cleaning different surfaces
  • Special protrusion on the brush to connect the water hose
  • It does not harm sensitive surfaces.
  • With its ultra-strong texture and wide structure, it does not wear out quickly and is long-lasting.