Sillgech Flat Replacement Cloth

Sillgech Flat Replacement Cloth


Sillgech Flat Replacement Cloth

All the mop heads we produce for Sillgech Flat Mop products can be easily cleaned by washing in the washing machine. However, you should always replace your worn mop head after a certain period of time to achieve maximum hygiene. For this reason, we have produced the Sillgech Flat Spare Cloth, which allows you to replace only your mop head without having to change your entire mop set.

Sillgech Flat Spare Cloth, which cleans by reaching all corners easily with its rectangular structure, is suitable for cleaning all floors with its delicate texture. It does not leave even a single residue of dirt and dust on all surfaces, and thanks to the specially developed durable knitting technique, its lifespan is much longer than other mops. It can be easily removed and installed and can be washed in the washing machine.

Sillgech Flat Spare Cloth Product Features

  • Delicate texture suitable for use on any surface
  • Micro capillary structure with superior suction power
  • Microfiber tissue for deep cleaning
  • Special durable knitting technique that does not cause lint
  • Effective system that collects even the smallest parts
  • Machine washable feature