Sillgech Flat Mop Cleaning Set

Sillgech Flat Mop Cleaning Set


Sillgech Flat Mop Cleaning Set

A new era in surface cleaning begins with the Sillgech Flat Mop Set! You can easily clean all the bottom and corner areas that classical mops cannot reach, thanks to the rectangular head of Sillgech Flat Mop Set. The specially designed microfiber head cleans easily without leaving any dirt, dust or lint behind.

All you have to do is place the mop head of the Sillgech Flat Mop Set vertically into the washing chamber and wash it as many times as you want, then pass it to the drying chamber, push it up and down and dry it easily. In this way, you can leave your mop head damp as much as you want, or you can dry it completely by removing it from water. Thanks to the rectangular mop head, you can clean more areas at once.

Sillgech Flat Mop Set Product Features

  • Rectangular mop head that can reach all corners
  • Steel handle consisting of 4 parts
  • Bucket with water drain plug
  • Microfiber texture that does not leave dirt, traces, dust
  • Easily usable washing and drying chamber
  • Specially designed holding system for attaching and removing the microfiber head from the pallet
  • Microfiber head that can be washed in the washing machine
  • The feature of cleaning the bottom and back of the items with the stick that offers 360-degree usage area.
  • Multi-purpose use on surfaces such as floors, ceilings, walls and glass