Sillgech Flat Mop Jr. Cleaning kit

Sillgech Flat Mop Jr. Cleaning kit


Sillgech Flat Mop Jr. Cleaning kit

Sillgech Flat Mop Junior, which has a smaller design and more area at once compared to conventional mop heads. Did you know that you can easily clean it with the set? Sillgech Flat Mop Jr., which does not take up space in your home with its small design, but whose function is larger than its size. Enjoy cleaning with the set!

Thanks to its specially designed washing and drying chamber, Sillgech Flat Mop Jr. The set allows you to clean all the dust, dirt and fluff on the floor in one go with its microfiber mop head. The rectangular mop structure easily reaches all corners and thanks to its handle that can be bent in all directions, you can easily clean the bottom of all your belongings in one step.

Sillgech Flat Mop Jr. Set Product Features

  • Rectangular mop head that can reach all corners
  • Premium quality durable plastic
  • Microfiber texture that does not leave dirt, traces, dust
  • Easily usable washing and drying chamber
  • Specially designed holding system for attaching and removing the microfiber head from the pallet
  • Microfiber head that can be washed in the washing machine
  • The feature of cleaning the bottom and back of the items with the stick that offers 360-degree usage area.
  • Multi-purpose use on surfaces such as floors, ceilings, walls and glass