Standart Dress Hanger 6 Pieces

Standart Dress Hanger 6 Pieces


Standart Dress Hanger 6 Pieces

If you want your clothes to stay wrinkle-free as when they are ironed, your job is much easier with the Standart Dress Hanger! If you want to keep your closet organized and to wear your clothes without wrinkling, you should definitely have the Standart Dress Hanger.

The Standart Dress Hanger, which is made of quality plastic, does not emit bad odor to your clothes like other hangers on the market and will stay with you for many years. It helps your cabinet to look stylish thanks to its vibrant product colors. It carries clothes of any weight easily and is resistant to breakage with its durable structure.

Standard Clothes Hanger Product Features

  • Premium quality plastic
  • Plastic does not emit odor.
  • Vivid colors that will make your closet more stylish
  • Rigid structure resistant to breakage and bending
  • It carries clothes of any weight.
  • It is suitable for different clothes, such as skirts, trousers.