L Shoes Box (6 Pieces)

L Shoes Box (6 Pieces)


L Shoes Box (6 Pieces)

If you are complaining about your shoe rack always looking messy and not getting in order, then you definitely need a Shoe Box. Thanks to its special dimensions, the Shoe Box, where you can easily store women's shoes of any size, both protects your shoes from wear and makes your shoe cabinet look organized.

Thanks to its special transparent cover, you can easily see the shoe you are looking for and take it out without moving it. You can also choose the Shoe Box to store shoes that you do not use or that you only use on certain days.

Women's Shoe Box Product Features

  • Premium quality plastic
  • Custom size fit all women's shoes
  • vibrant colors
  • Transparent and easy-to-open front cover
  • Possibility to take the shoes without moving the box
  • The boxes have a special apparatus that can be mounted to each other.
  • It does not fall or tip over, even if it is used in large numbers on top of each other.