Bendable Duster Static Duster

Bendable Duster Static Duster


Bendable Duster Static Duster

Unfortunately, one of the most annoying jobs in the areas we live or work in is dusting. But with the Bendable Static Duster, you can make this tedious job much more enjoyable.

Dusting has never been more enjoyable with the Bendable Static Duster, which can easily enter and clean even hard-to-reach areas thanks to its flexible and deformable structure. The 100% microfiber head collects all the dust and traps it inside. It does not clean by scattering dust like other dusting apparatuses. When you are done, you can easily remove the microfiber head, wash it and use it many times.

Bendable Static Dust Collector Product Features

  • 100% microfiber head
  • Shape-shifting ergonomic design
  • Hand-held handle
  • Flexible structure that collects all the dust
  • Easily removable, washable and reusable.
  • It can be used for cleaning various items such as windows, blinds, computers, air conditioners, tables.