Sillgech 360 Smart Mop Cleaning Set

Sillgech 360 Smart Mop Cleaning Set


Sillgech 360 Smart Mop Cleaning Set

Meet the 360° Smart Mop Set, the smartest assistant of your home! Cleaning is now easier with the 360° Smart Mop Set, which never leaves stains, dust and lint on the surfaces it wipes, and you can easily access under all seats and other items with its 360-degree rotating structure!

The 360° Smart Mop Set will be indispensable thanks to the squeezing chamber with a special system that takes the extra water of the mop by turning without splashing water, and the mop head that provides maximum absorbency on wooden, ceramic and glass surfaces.

360° Smart Mop Set Product Features

  • 3-stage easy-to-mount handle system
  • Squeezing chamber providing comfortable and easy movement
  • System that does not splash water during washing and drying
  • Ideal absorbency on wood and ceramic surfaces
  • Possibility to be used on wall ceramics and glass surfaces
  • The feature of cleaning the bottom and back of the items with the stick that offers 360-degree usage area.
  • Mop head that can be washed in the washing machine
  • 16 liter internal volume